For this project I developed the UX as well as the UI Design of the website. The main goal of the Museo Interactivo Mirador in Santiago de Chile is to become “The main science laboratory in latinamerica”. In order to support this goal I decided to improve the following sections in the Website:

  • General information about opening hours and directions

  • Easier access to exhibit information

  • Information about school groups visits preparation

  • Information about iterative exhibits

As part of my research I visited the museum, which validated the importance of the enhanced Website sections and showed me the kinds of activities that are offered in the museum. Understanding their digital and physical presence helped me create PERSONAS and fine-tune the Name and Branding to communicate the museum’s essence in a better way. 


Naming & Branding

Fine-tuning of Name and Branding to communicate the museum's essence in a better way.


Creation of Personas for a better understanding of the museum audience's needs.

Architecture and Hierarchy

Redesign and analysis of information architecture and hierarchy to achieve the museum's goals.